The Package


Our package is designed to include everything that most horses routinely need, for a fixed monthly fee.

 Unless your horse becomes ill and requires veterinary treatment or some other outside intervention, you can expect no additional charges.

Our retirement livery package includes:



  • An individual loose box identified by your horse’s name available for your horse all year round
  • Regular inspections of the box to identify any defects and prompt remedying of any found
  • Daily muck out, clean and disinfection of the box and daily provision of fresh straw bedding 

NB - In late Autumn and Winter horses will usually be turned out during the day and brought in before dark. In extreme weather they may be brought in (or stood in) during the day. During late Spring to Early Autumn, depending on weather conditions, horses may stay out at night and be brought in during the heat of the day.



  • Provision of good quality hard feed of a type and quantity to provide for the proper nutrition of your horse (as agreed with you) - up to twice a day
  • Provision of fresh, good quality hay in the box of sufficient quantity to satisfy your horse's needs
  • Provision of fresh, good quality hay in hay racks in the paddock during the winter months as required



  • Basic grooming at the start of each day including administering any treatments agreed with you or advised by your horse's vet (supplements and medications to be provided by the owner)
  • Daily check to identify any sores, wounds or abrasions and basic treatment of any found, with the treatment recorded in the horse’s Daily Log.
  • Application of fly repellent during the summer months
  • Application of Factor 50 sunscreen to the muzzle on bright Summer days
  • Vet check every 6 months
  • Feet checked by our farrier and trimmed as needed every 3 months
  • Worming every 6 months 
  • Annual vaccinations for Equine Flu and Tetanus prevention, administered by our vet
  • Annual dental check by qualified Vet (treatment extra)



  • Rugging-up with the appropriate type of blanket dependent on the prevailing weather and season (blankets and head collar to be provided by the owner)
  • Turnout to a secure paddock either individually or with other horses carefully matched to your horse's temperament and grazing requirements (as agreed with you)
  • Observation in the paddock throughout the day to note any signs of distress or unusual behaviour and wherever possible action to relieve such
  • Regular removal of dung from the paddock and cleaning of water troughs
  • Daily checking of the safety and security of gates and fences enclosing the paddock and prompt repair or rectification of any defects found. Should repair not be possible on the same day the horse will be moved to another secure paddock
  • Where required, wash-down of the lower legs and hoof pick before re-entry to the stable at the end of the day
  • Rug changing and overnight drying of wet rugs
  • Minor rug repairs and cleaning (major repairs and replacements extra), plus annual professional rug wash



  • A monthly video log to show how your horse is doing
  • Your horses will be registered with our vet so any additional visits required can be made promptly (at extra charge)
  • Prompt contact with you should anything unusual happen to your horse


Places are strictly limited so contact us today to arrange a visit and secure your horse's place.