About Northover Farm Retirement Livery


At Northover Farm you'll find both a caring team of experienced horse people and an impressively secure site, so you can rest assured that your horse is being well looked after in the safest of places.

We're the Jeffries family - husband and wife Chris and Julie and son Will - and we've been developing high quality equine facilities at Northover Farm since we bought the place in 2011. Initially for the use of our own horses, we’re now opening up our stables and paddocks to a limited number of clients as an exclusive retirement livery.


The most important members of our team are our Livery Manager, Michelle and our Groom, Alex, who are both very experienced horsewomen and horse owners themselves. They provide our liveries with high quality, responsible care seven days a week.

Michelle and Alex are supported by ourselves and our Estate Manager, Robert. We maintain the lush grassland, hedgerows and many miles of post-and-rail fences around the farm as well as taking care of all the little jobs to keep the place neat, safe and horse-friendly all year round. We pay a lot of attention to paddock maintenance and also make our own high-quality hay each summer which is used for our liveries.


Your horse's safety is our number one priority and we pride ourselves on the security of our site. In addition to the access-controlled entrance and CCTV coverage, you have the reassurance of knowing we live on site and conduct regular checks of all the horses living with us.


Our American barn stables are well-maintained and all boxes have foam-matted floors and mains-fed water troughs. Our large paddocks are surrounded by sturdy post-and-rail fencing and have field shelters. We poo-pick, harrow and roll regularly to keep the grass in the best condition possible all year round.

High Weald Horse Hydro, the leading equine hydrotherapy centre also owned by us, is based at the farm and therapies are available for an extra charge.


What makes our Retirement Livery offer different from most is that we offer the option for your horse to be turned our individually, rather than in a herd. Herds tend to be dominated by one animal and that doesn't always suit other horses or what you want as the owner. 

We have a range of paddock sizes, all within close proximity of each other so, where desired, horses can enjoy individual turn while still seeing other horses.

Group turnout is also available where desired. We'll agree with you what's best for your horse  when they first arrive with us and keep their turnout arrangements under review, so they get the type of retirement that is most relaxing for them.